The perfect Easter Safari

The perfect Easter Safari

The Easter weekend is awesome. A long weekend with family festivities woven into its fabric. No school, no work, just food, family and travel. But how can the perfect long weekend get even better? How about a safari? That’s right, an Easter Safari. Imagine that you and the ones closest to you going away for […]

The perfect Easter Safari

The Great wildebeest migration

So we had talked about the majesty of Kenyan parks and said that the Masai Mare national park is one of Africa’s greatest animal reserves. But let’s break that down. What makes the Masai Mara so great? Why is the great wildebeest migration so unique? What can you expect to see in the Mara? Is […]

Rhino at Nairobi National Park || Kenya Tours and Safaris

Nairobi National park

Experience the Nairobi National Park Africa is quickly becoming an investment destination and one of the most lucrative hot spots is Nairobi, Kenya. Thousands of international investors are flooding into the city and looking for that new opportunity. Before you scroll away, this is still a travel blog. Why do I bring the business side […]

Travelling in the digital age

At this point, very few of us can remember the days when in order to travel people had to go to the yellow pages to look for travel agencies. Nowadays people just go online and see if you can get a wholesome experience at an affordable price. But let’s face it, reviews can be wrong, […]

The Best Safari in Kenya

One of the few things that most of us agree on is that Disney’s The Lion King is one of the greatest animation movies of all time. The story being told and the way it is told is nothing short of great. My favourite story in the film is the circle of life; When Mufasa […]

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