7 Things to know Before Going on an African Safari with kids

Going on an African Safari is a dream trip for a lot of people, even those of us who live near safari destinations and have never been are dying to go on safari. Truthfully, travel is best enjoyed at your own convenience, when there is no bother, just you and scenery. But let’s face it, life moves at an incredibly fast pace, we get older have families and start raising children. But does that mean that our safari dreams should be forever put on hold? I beg to differ people can still enjoy the great big jungles of Africa with their children.  Before you embark on an African safari with your children here are a few pointers that will make the journey easier on you and more enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Do your Homework

Before embarking on a safari, before even picking a travel agent to accompany you and yours on the safari, do your research. What are the accommodations, what is the expected weather in the country of choice. In case of an emergency what is the proximity to a doctor, what inoculations are necessary before your travels. Going online and doing your homework Can answer some of these questions. Travelling with kids is a lot more delicate and complicated than travelling with your adult friends. Adults can do some of these things on the ground and be done within an hour or two but with kids getting things done way before schedule becomes a time saver that you can be thankful for.

  1. Prepare for the climate

You’ve heard that that the climate in Africa can be unforgiving, and as a person who lives in Kenya, I agree. Travelling into the Savannah journey can be uncomfortably hot and humid and eerily cold at night. So prepare appropriately, carry the right clothes for every location you will be visiting. Do not be caught unawares by the ever-changing, unpredictable Savannah weather.

  1. Plan a unique experience

Most kids are uneasy on safari and this is understandable, a strange land with new food and new cultures. While some of these things are easily enjoyed by adults kids can get bored easily making your trip a nightmare. Contacting your travel agent and preparing a unique experience that will incorporate the kids can create a lasting memory.

  1. Have some family games on stand-by in case of delay

Getting stuck in the airport or anywhere else can be a bother, cell phones could run out of battery so could any other electric device. However, having a few family board games can come in handy creating a bonding family moment, and help pass the time. Board games can also come in handy during night times around the camp site. Enjoying natures’ beauty while having some quality family time will surely be an unforgettable moment.

  1. Brand your Kids

Well, maybe branding is a crude term but have a form of identification in case you and your kids get separated.  This situation can be very stressful and despite them having cell phones things happen. There could be connectivity issues in the African jungle or the devices could run out of battery etc. Still, having a form of identification and communication information can make it easier for people who come across your kids to identify them and find you.

  1. Remember the medicine.

Carry the appropriate medicinal drugs for your kids in case of anything. If they have allergies, bring an epi-pen if they have respiratory issues bring an inhaler. Again, an African Safari can be unpredictable therefor keeping your child’s  health first will put your mind at rest allowing you to enjoy your trip.

  1. Book wisely

Take the travel agent that will be flexible enough to accommodate your kids. They might be pricier but having a travel agent that will accommodate you is heaven sent. Also, an agent familiar with the lay of the land will have everything you had asked for in advance.

Going on long journeys with kids is difficult enough by itself. However, going on Safari creates a different dynamic all together. The most important “partner” you can have is the right travel agent willing to make your trip an unforgettable experience. PenFam tours and travels ensures that our clients  have maximum comfort and all their needs are catered for. Don’t be stressed by what should be a once in a lifetime experience. Bring your Children along and enjoy the Great African Safari.

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on Feb 19, 2019

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