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Nairobi National park

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Africa is quickly becoming an investment destination and one of the most lucrative hot spots is Nairobi, Kenya. Thousands of international investors are flooding into the city and looking for that new opportunity. Before you scroll away, this is still a travel blog. Why do I bring the business side up? This is because Nairobi is home to a gem, the Nairobi national park. The only protected natural animal park within a city in the world. Therefor you can come for business and experience a mini safari just a few kilometers drive from the city centre.

Nairobi National Park Surroundings

The Nairobi national park has a unique scenery. A majestic Nairobi Skyline towers over the plush Savannah grassland. This gives the scenery a unique blend of the wild and the East African urban wonder that is Nairobi City.

To add to the uniqueness  of the park in the city Nairobi national park is one of the most successful rhino sanctuaries in the region. Besides that it is home to the endangered black rhino species. The rhino sanctuary also acts as a major rhino breeding centre in an effort to restock other parks in the country.

The History

Gazetted in 1946, it is the oldest national park in Kenya and to this day. The history of the park is preserved giving visitors an amazing experience. Importantly, you can visit the ivory burning sites where poached ivory was burned as a statement against poachers.

The Experience

Even being within the capital city, the park is home to over 100 mammal species including four of the big five animals (Lion, Leopard, buffalo and rhino). Furthermore the park is home to over 400 species of birds including seasonal migrants from Europe.

The park has a unique walking trail alongside the hippo pools. You can experience this one of a kind trail in this particular park in all the region. Nairobi national Park boasts of spacious picnic sites that overlook the city skyline giving its visitors a unique blend of city life in the jungle.

If you are visiting Nairobi, make it a point to visit the park as it only a thirty-minute drive from the city centre. Besides, Penfam Tours and Safaris has amazing wholesome packages at the Nairobi national park for catering for families’ individuals and couples. Do not hesitate visit the Nairobi national park and experience an unforgettable adventure

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