Hi Peter

Thanks, Penfam for a great experience in Kenya and Tanzania. The tour itinerary you arranged for us was fantastic, and ensured that we saw the greatest possible number of animals including, of course, the Big Five.

The trip was made all the more enjoyable by the very high calibre of the guides you provided for us - Benson in Kenya and Engelbert in Tanzania. Their expert knowledge of wildlife and the ecology of the East African game parks made the experience all the more enjoyable., They looked after us exceptionally well, with good humour, and we value their friendship.

At Amboseli Benson gave us an impressive demonstration of his driving skills - in reverse at high speed! - when a cranky old elephant took exception to the tour vans and it was things like that which added to the excitement of our experience. They say an elephant never forgets, but we hope for Benson's sake it doesn't remember his number plate! Engelbert is a former park ranger and his knowledge of wildlife management issues is impressive. We were privileged to have him share his knowledge with us. Peter Gichina's help was terrific and nothing was too much trouble. We appreciate that you went out of your way to ensure that we had a great holiday - the special trip to the elephant orphanage because we missed the morning walk and the "nyama choma" lunch you hosted for us on our way back through Nairobi were just two examples.

Peter, you were responsive to all our requests and we definitely made the right decision to book our tour with Penfam. There were so many highlights and great experiences that it is hard to pick one, though floating above the animal migration in a hot air balloon at dawn over the Masaai Mara has to be something we will never forget. You did us proud!

Cheers, Peter and we hope all continues to go well for you and your team.

Best wishes
Adrian and Jennie Begg
Sydney, Australia, (November 2008)

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