The high standards we set for our Safari Vehicles are a perfect illustration of our attention to detail and our uncompromised commitment to your comfort, enjoyment and safety. We operate and maintain a fleet of modern safari mini-buses, Land cruisers and saloon cars (for hire).

Our Safari vans are fitted with special pop up roofs - for uninterrupted views for photography and game watching, long range High Frequency (HF radios), cooler box, fire extinguisher and first aid kits. We guarantee a window seat for each passenger. We have own workshop for maintenance of our vehicles and as a back up procedure we normally have a rescue car incase of any problem while on a safari

Safari Itineraries
In the design of our safari itineraries we have realized the importance of operating safaris to all popular destinations in both Kenya & Tanzania. The flexible nature of camping safari further enables us to "venture off the beaten track" and allows route deviations and detours that may not be possible within the rigidity of set hallmark of our safaris and this has led us to incorporate adventure expeditions in our programmes e.g camel riding safaris. In most of our programmes clients can choose their departure dates.

Our minimum number of passenger/tourist for any regular safari is four (4) passengers, family packages or 2 passenger private safaris, nevertheless safaris can be combined depending on the needs of the client. In all these, our expertise will assist in the design and implementation by offering comprehensive information and suggestions that will ultimately ensure a smooth operation of the undertaking.

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